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Saturday, January 18, 2020

City of Byron Community Services Committee met September 4

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Dec 4, 2019


City of Byron Community Services Committee met Sept. 4.

Here is the minutes provided by the committee:

MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Alderman Mittzi Fulrath, Alderman Emily Gerdes, Alderman Mike Gyorkos, Alderman Zeke Hobbie


OTHERS PRESENT: City Engineer Jason Stoll, Public Works Director Aaron Vincer Alderman Fulrath called the meeting to order at 5:33 pm.


2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES AUGUST 7, 2019: Alderman Hobbie motioned to approve the Community Services Committee meeting minutes of August 7, 2019, seconded by Alderman Gerdes. Motion passed.

3. BYRON REC PATH/MAINTENANCE BUDGET – No update. As a starting point, Engineer Stoll plans on developing some exhibits showing proposed routes to begin getting estimates. He hopes to present to the committee in October.

4. MILL RD. CROSSWALK/BIKE PATH EXTENSION – Director Vincer suggested adding several sections of sidewalk on the north side of Mill Rd. in order to be able to paint the crosswalk at Kingsway. The crosswalk will have to terminate at a sidewalk. Alderman Fulrath asked if there will be signage at the crosswalk, and Engineer Stoll agreed that would be helpful. Director Vincer said he may have some in stock. Alderman Gerdes asked if there could be a flashing light, since drivers tend to speed on Mill Rd. Engineer Stoll said an initial internet search indicated that solar powered flashing lights would be approximately $2500. Alderman Gerdes suggested putting that in the budget for next year. The committee agreed to have Director Vincer add the crosswalk and sidewalk as soon as possible, with funds that are already within his budget. They will continue to look into options and pricing for crosswalk alerts, but will put the signs up immediately.

5. PARKING LOT SIGNS – Engineer Stoll reported that Director Hewitt has been working on a design for signs for the two municipal parking lots. Director Vincer said that people are not using the newly added parking spots behind China King, not realizing they are public parking. Signage would help identify this as public parking. Alderman Gerdes asked why an estimate was only received by one company, and Engineer Stoll speculated that it is because Signs Now does the installation as well. Director Hewitt entered the meeting and concurred that Signs Now completes all of the installation which involves drilling into concrete. Five smaller signs directing vehicles to public parking will be made locally.

6. DOWNTOWN SIDEWALK SNOW PLOWING – Director Vincer has been unable to find someone to shovel/plow the downtown sidewalks. Alderman Gerdes asked if there is some way to have the businesses be accountable for the sidewalk in front of their establishments. Alderman Fulrath said the mayor wants to send a letter to the businesses. She suggested looking at the ordinances that are currently in place and seeing whether they need to be altered for this situation. Perhaps fines being imposed would help solve the problem. Director Vincer said it will be fine timewise if a plan is in place by the end of October, but it also depends if we have the manpower to enforce the ordinance. An initial search by Alderman Gerdes found a walk behind sweeper/snow plow for $5,000. The subject will be discussed at the Committee’s October meeting, and will be on the Council agenda September 18, so action could be taken at the Council meeting October 2. Director Vincer also pointed out that on one side of 2nd St. downtown, business owners own the sidewalk property to the curb. On the other side of the street, the city owns the sidewalk property up to the curb. Alderman Fulrath added that the business owners are still expected to take care of it, just like homeowners are expected to shovel their sidewalks even if they are in a city right of way, or mow the area from the sidewalk to the curb even though it is city right of way.

7. PUBLIC WORKS UPDATE – Director Vincer reported there was a significant rain event yesterday, and we should be thinking in terms of installing larger storm sewer with future projects. It is 20 inches diameter now. There were no engineering failures in our system, it just could not handle the amount of rain we received in some areas. There are some homes that are built lower than the street level and they had water issues. Engineer Stoll added that when the Route 2 construction was done, a smaller pipe than necessary was installed, and that contributes to the water backup on Colfax during a large rain. There are plans for IDOT to fix when the highway project goes through. When we have big rain events, our pumping goes up, which indicates that rain water is entering the sewer collection system. We are processing more water than we need to. There are several ways to line the sewer system, and Engineer Stoll added there are financial programs available to assist with this. Director Vincer will be looking into the various methods. • The new truck is now in service. • The two pieces of excess equipment (truck and auto) are up for sale, and they are on display at the public works building. Bids will be opened on September 27. • Public Works will be doing the Mill Rd. overlay very soon. The goal is to make the road as smooth as possible for the winter at the lowest possible cost, in order for the road to go through a freeze/thaw cycle to ensure the road is done settling. • Alderman Fulrath asked about Colfax St. by the curve, where the curb is settling. They are getting pricing for cutting out the bad spot and replacing. • Director Vincer has been talking with Tom Glendenning about putting together a sewer plant facility plan. TEST will also be involved in the study. The plan would include what areas need to be improved, therefore, when money becomes available, there is a plan to follow. Once the plan is done, it needs to be approved by the EPA. The plan is good for five years. There is more capacity at the sewer plant than there is in the sewer system, therefore one of the items that needs to be addressed is enlarging the collection system. Director Vincer said there are older tanks that need to be replaced, and the electrical system needs to be looked at. When the council decided to build the Headworks building, it committed to a renovation of the plant by keeping it where it is (not a reconstruction somewhere else). Headworks was the first phase, and the plan will identify the next phases. The electrical controls will eventually be moved to the Headworks building. • The city was approached by Exelon to consider taking their sanitary sewer from the plant (6,000 gallons a day). They are interested in building a sewer line from their plant to ours. The potential benefit to us, is it opens up the possibility of a commercial area along German Church Rd. Much more conversation is needed, and they will receive more data from Exelon tomorrow.

8. EXECUTIVE SESSION (Section)(c)(21)-Review and Approval of Closed Meeting Minutes. No Executive Session.

9. Alderman Fulrath adjourned the meeting at 6:20 pm. The next regular meeting is October 2 at 5:30 pm.


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