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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Ogle County County Facilities Committee met December 10

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Jan 11, 2020


Ogle County County Facilities Committee met Dec. 10.

Here is the minutes provided by the committee:

1. Call Meeting to Order: Chairman Typer called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. Present: Fox, Griffin, Kenney, McLester, Reising and Sulser. Others: Health Dept. Administrator Kyle Auman, Droege, Corbitt and Nordman. Absent: Sheriff Brian VanVickle.

Typer stated that everyone received an email from Sheriff VanVickle about his absence today; he requested that there be a representative from the office available for the meeting. It was noted that Secretary Wendy Smice was going to attend but needed to leave for a sick child.

2. Approval of Minutes – November 12, 2019: Motion by Kenney to approve the minutes as presented, 2nd by Fox. Motion carried.

3. Public Comment: None

4. Project Status Report

 Tree Trimming of Courthouse – Griffin would like to get all the trees trimmed; it has been done a few years ago.

 Comed Usage Report – Griffin stated they received a report and it showed an increase in activity over a weekend at the Courthouse.

 Courthouse 3rd Floor Light Bulbs – Fritz has brought it to Typer’s attention that there are a few light bulbs out.

 Judicial Center 1st Floor Drinking Fountain (10/19)

 Courthouse Door Closers (10/19)

 Slip & Fall Training (9/19) – offered through the Safety Committee.

 Landscaping & Weed Program (9/19) – completed

 Roof Leak at Solid Waste Dept. (9/19) – completed

 Water Leak at EOC (9/19)

 Water Leak under East basement door of Courthouse in Election Room (9/19) – completed

 Cleaning of Courthouse Steps (9/19) – will work on

 No Parking sign at Courthouse (9/19) – completed

 Jail Trustees (9/19)

 Courthouse Basement Bathroom Light Sensor (9/19) - completed

 EOC Skylight (start 7/19) - completed

 Judicial Center Compressor (start 7/19)

 Communication Tower Extension (plan complete 6/19)

 Courthouse Exterior Planters & Replacement of Red Sidewalk Inserts (started 6/2018 – to be completed 5/2019) – completed 8/19

 Focus House Electrical Outside Wiring (started 6/2018 – to be completed 5/2019) – completed 8/19

 Weld Park Trees (started 7/2018 – completed 5/2019) – completed 5/19

 Move Iron Mike (started 10/2018 – to be completed 6/2019 / work moved to 9/20) – Griffin gave a brief update; they are working on a resolution that will dictate responsibilities.

 Pines Road Annex Repair List (started 11/2018 – to be completed 1/2019) – completed 4/19

 Tuck Point Repair – 3rd floor wall will be repainted this winter

 Judicial Center Lactation Room (start 2/2019 – to be completed 6/2019) – completed 6/19

 Focus House Sidewalks (start 4/2019 – to be completed 5/2019)

 EOC Generator (start 4/2019 – to be completed 6/2019)

 Accounting Code Tracking (start 3/2019 – to be completed 6/2019)

 Weld Park Electric Upgrade (start 4/2019 – to be completed 6/2019) – Typer stated the Safety Committee has requested that the park be closed until the electricity can be upgraded. They see it has a safety hazard. Typer stated there was a budget line however; it was removed during the budget process. They can use the Contingency line.

 Weld Park Septic – (to be completed 5/2019)

 Weld Park Road Repair – (to be completed 5/2019)

 Judicial Center Lighting – will replace as they fail (completed 5/2019)

5. LRP/IT Update: Griffin stated the project is going very well; they have gotten the roof closed up and heat is on inside the building.

6. Old Business

 County Credit Card Policy Review: None

 Budget Performance Report: Fox asked how often they will review the report; Typer stated it will be done quarterly and at the end of budget they will review monthly. Fox mentioned that other Dept. Heads provide the report monthly. Typer stated he was directed to obtain the report from Treasurer Beck and she informed him that they get the report in her monthly financial report packet.

7. New Business

 Introduction of New Problems/Projects: None

 Janitor Contract for EOC: Typer stated the contract has been signed. Sulser would like to know what days they clean. Auman stated he has not received any complaints from his employees.

8. Approval of Bills

 Credit Card Billing: None

 Department Billing: Sulser pointed out the Menards bills; Griffin would like to have Mitchusson available by phone or in person for questions. Motion by Kenney that the department billing has been reviewed, 2nd by Griffin. Motion carried. Total: $60,205.72

9. Closed Session: None

10. Adjournment: With no further business, Chairman Typer adjourned the meeting. Time: 1:25 p.m.


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