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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Byron Township Board met September 12

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Dec 4, 2019

Meeting 11

Byron Township Board met Sept. 12.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Prayer was given by Mike Lewis.

Roll call was taken.

Those present were:

Trustees; Hank Ebert, Dave Engelbrecht and Township Supervisor Terry Reeverts Trustees Absent: Ray Dyck Janet Harding & Township Clerk Barbara Rundle. Road Commissioner Ron Gibson & Mike Lewis.

Public Comment – None for this month.

Supervisor Reeverts asked if was all right with every one if Mike took notes for the meeting in Barb’s absence – all agreed. He then asked if there were any additions, deletions, or adjustments to the agenda. None were made.

Minutes from the August 8th, 2019 were discussed.

Dave Engelbrecht made a motion to approve the minutes as presented.

Hank Ebert 2nd the motion; Role Call – Engelbrecht – Yes, Ebert – Yes and Reeverts – Yes, Dyck and Harding Absent. Motion passed.

Zoning & Planning Committee Report – Nothing for this month. Assessor’s Report – Bob gave the following update;

 See attached report from Bob

Road Commissioner’s Report – Ron reported the following;

 Ron reported that he is going to wait to replace the New Holland tractor at this point.

He has corresponded with Birkey’s and they have been very helpful along with township employees to fix the A/C unit in the tractor including getting parts that Peabody’s had been unable to get for the Township.

 There is still some dirt work and seeding to do yet on the Oak Grove project. It will be completed as soon as the weather cooperates. Trustees Engelbrecht and Ebert had some questions on the project that Ron was able to answer.

 Due to some logistical problems that helping townships had and were unable to come help haul gravel and with the pending weather approaching, Ron hired Byron Ready Mix & Materials and Norup Trucking to help with the Oak Grove Project to get it closed in with gravel before the weather hit

 The recent storms have also caused some emergency tree cleanup.

 We will be helping Rockford and Winnebago Townships with projects they have. We will be furnishing some trucks and drivers.

 Ron reported that Ed LaBay has been in contact with him on a continuing driveway issue. Ron explained what the issue is and solutions that he had brought to Mr. LaBay who is not happy with the result. Terry echoed that Mr. LaBay had contacted him about that issue and had asked to be at the meeting tonight. Terry said that Ed wanted the township to pay for ComEd to move the pole. After discussing the issue all agreed that Ron has handled it appropriately.

Clerk’s Report – Clerk Rundle not in attendance.

Trustees’ Report – Nothing for this month.

Cemetery Report – Mike reported:

 There have been two lots sold, a grave marking, two pending cremation burials and three requests for available plots for purchase.

 There have been several requests for the cemetery to purchase back plots that have been sold to them. Mike explained the process that the cemetery has used in the past and the trustees agreed to continue that policy as it has been done in the past. The process is to mark the plots in the database as available for sale, if someone wants to purchase them pass the contact information along to the potential buyer. The potential buyer and current owner will negotiate a price amongst themselves.

The current owner then notifies the cemetery and pays the cemetery $100.00 for each plot for a “transfer of deed” to the new owner.

 Mike reported that the State Comptroller’s Office Attorney, Division Director and Auditor have al corresponded on the transfer from the Cemetery Association to the Byron Township. Wednesday the State Comptroller’s Auditor was at the township office and helped Mike complete, sign and notarize all of the necessary forms. All that remains is for a check of $5.00 to the State Comptroller for the Byron Township to “register” the cemetery with the State. That bill is in tonight’s bill. Once that is put together it will be sent to the Comptroller’s Office. The Auditor said that in about 6 weeks an invoice for $40.00 will arrive along with the license, for the audit itself.

 Mike discussed the new software being used and the problems encountered. We have continued to use the current spreadsheet to maintain the records. Legacy Mark has announced that they will be launching a new web version of the software. He is recommending wait for that launch. He feels that that will be more user friendly for successor sextons. Christine has not “clocked” any hours but continues to assist Mike with the records.

 Mike announced that Terry had contacted him on August 31st about damage to the Catherwood bench at the cemetery. Mike inspected the damage and talked to Terry. They decided to “rope off” the bench as it is wobbly and the concern is someone getting hurt. He reported that he contacted Rockford Monuments who said they had been contacted about the damage over a year ago. He also explained that the cemetery was not responsible for the bench, that is was purchased by others and the cemetery gave reluctant permission and marked the area for it to be placed. It was decided that Terry will contact Mrs. Catherwood to determine what the township should do from here.

 Mike brought up an idea of designating an area of the cemetery for cremation burials only. Creating smaller plots and requiring a flush marker for easier maintenance with the smaller plots recommending that the cemetery sell the markers with the plot as a “package price”. It was decided that was worth pursuing further. More details will be researched with more information for the next meeting.

 Mike asked about the driveway on the East side of the cemetery if patching should be done before winter. Several Trustees voiced their concern for the way the roadway has deteriorated this year. Terry asked Ron if he could look at it and advise the best way to fix. Ron said that if any repairs were to be made it should be soon. It was agreed to have Terry and Ron work out the details and get it fixed as soon as possible. Ron will get with Terry and they will decide what should be done and do it.

 The question was asked about the older tombstones in the old part of the cemetery that needed attention as they are leaning. Mike reported that Chet Kobel and volunteers have fixed about 200 tombstones in the old part of the cemetery for the Association. It was discussed to ear mark some money for a continued effort to maintain these tombstones. A program for repairing will be put together with potential costs.

 Mike reported that the County Supervisor of Assessments will be giving their estimate of the EAV for all taxing bodies the first part of October. As soon as that number is determined we will put together a draft extension. That can be sent to the trustees prior to the next meeting so they can do their own research. A reminder that we need to announce if there will be an a levy that may exceed the 5% of last year’s extension.

 Mike announced that QuickBooks has a major update revision available. The price for the update and installation is $510 from Swanson Quality Services our current maintenance vendor. This will be placed on next month’s agenda for consideration.

Supervisor’s Report –

 Terry reported that he has not heard anything from the group yet on the cemetery memorial area project.

 He also reported that WIPFLI was here on Monday and Tuesday for the field audit of the township FY19.

The following bills were submitted for audit and approval.

Town Fund:

Regular bills $ 3,098.72

Payroll $ 10,771.36

General Assistance $ 0.00

Social Security $ 776.27

Total of Town Fund in the amount of $14,646.35

Hank Ebert made a motion to approve the bills as submitted;

Dave Engelbrecht 2nd the motion; Role Call – Engelbrecht – Yes, Ebert – Yes and Reeverts – Yes, Dyck and Harding Absent. Motion passed.

Road District:

Road and Bridge Fund $ 9,029.22

Permanent Road Fund $ 2,140.70

Permanent Payroll Fund $ 14,915.72

Joint Bridge Fund $ 4,796.40

Social Security Fund $ 1,092.39

Insurance Fund $ 1,156.75

Total for Road District Fund in the amount of $33,131.18.

Hank Ebert made a motion to approve the minutes as presented.

Dave Engelbrecht 2nd the motion; Role Call – Engelbrecht – Yes, Ebert – Yes and Reeverts – Yes, Dyck and Harding Absent. Motion passed.

Old Business –

a) Terry said he has not heard from anyone on progress since the last meeting

New Business –

a) Terry said that he has talked to Mike about the possibility of getting someone to intern as sexton and he agrees that this is a good time to do this. It was discussed and decided that Terry will first contact some people in the funeral business before placing any kind of an ad. Will report back next month.

In other business, Mike brought up that the sweeper payment will be due next month but the second installment of taxes will be coming in soon putting enough money in the Equipment Fund to make the last payment early saving more than $100.00 in interest. It was decided that Terry should go ahead with Ron and get that paid as soon as possible to save money on interest. It will be reported on next month’s bills. Dave Engelbrecht made a motion to approve Terry signing a check to make the final sweeper payment early with Hank Ebert seconding the motion; Role Call – Engelbrecht – Yes, Ebert – Yes and Reeverts – Yes, Dyck and Harding Absent. Motion passed.

Byron Township September 12th, 2019 monthly meeting was adjourned at 8:41 pm


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